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Ms. Lynn and her friends bring along lots of fun music for children ages 1-10 and their families to sing along and dance and to meet her costumed character friends.  She has written her own children’s songs and has produced a children’s CD “It’s a Beautiful Day”  which talks about her animal friends, Spanky the dog, Charlie the dog, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Squirrel and Pokey the cat.

Many of her inspirations came from adoring her pet animals at home.  When asked how does she come up with these songs she replies “It’s very easy,  I get a melody going on in my head and a visual of what I want to sing about.  It happens quite easy and quickly, I run for a pen and starting jotting everything down.”

It’s a Beautiful Day song was inspired by watching children at the end of her music and movement class. One day they were just running around in circles and there went the lyrics to her song. They recently have performed on The “Pet Talk” Show channel 12 in Norwalk featuring their costumed characters “Spanky the dog” and “Charlie the dog” back in June and January.

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“Fun, lively, upbeat and positive entertainment for doggies everywhere and the humans that love them! Lynn Lewis is a wonderful performer, it’s hard not to walk away singing her Bow-Wow Song! She and her troup were a real audience favorite on our Pet Talk Show” Lauren Collier, Host of Pet Talk on News 12 Connecticut

The group performs throughout Connecticut in many outside/inside town concerts or events.  They also have a holiday concert that they put on which features “Spanky’s Snowflake” another original tune along with her “Holiday CD”.  Lynn is also working on a children’s book to go along with her songs.

The group consists of Lynn Lewis on guitar and vocals and background singers/dancers and costumed characters including Dana DiScala (Fairfield), Kayla Dufficy, Cassidy Lewis, (Trumbull) Lizzie Newton, (Fairfield) Paige Haviland, (Trumbull) Abbie Perez, (Stratford)  Ashley Signes and Nikki Allaire, and Jeremy Lewis (Trumbull).  Occasional appearances by sax players Katie Taccone and Meghan Stewart (Trumbull). Lynn is adored by many children and has been quoted:  “Lynn gives off so much energy and exuberance that my daughter is mesmerized everytime we see her” “I love watching the girls in the show interacting with the children in the audience” and “My 18-month old wakes up singing It’s a Beautiful Day and jumps around during the day singing “hey” it’s unbelievably cute and has finally caught on to the dance movements to oo aah wag a chua” she’s learning all the time!”

Come out and join the fun!  For more info and bookings check out www.lynnlewisandfriends.com CD’s, puppets, balloons and coloring books are available to purchase on line or at live concerts.  Also, if anyone is interested in being her distributor or publicist/agent please call (203) 445-9472.